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*FuNnyBUnnY Event* Screenies & Winners

Daenerys / Apr 09, 2018

🐰🐰🐰BOOM!!! Bunny shower!🐰🐰🐰
April the 1st was bursting out with fun, good vibes and colors of spring,
as 30 Stormbunnies took turns jumping into the funniest raid of the season
FunnyBunny ToT trinket run – our Easter Event!

Spiced up with competitions,fun games and juicy rewards , our bunny squad stormed through, thundering away
with great music mixes by DJ Nula, and this time in a form of quiz game! Every Stormy had his/her own song played, during which guildies had to guess who was the ‘bunny’ hiding within lyrics or the melody.
Our musical Stormies exelled, and the fastest ones conquered! Here are our Golden Bunny-Ears of Stormborn:

Perk of the evening certainly was our 😱😱😱Disturbing Tmog Contest😱😱😱 publically displaying
the most avant-garde/silly/disgusting transmogs ever to be seen on Frostwolf!
Since our Fashion Goddess Miku ragequitted the judge position as a sign of protest & deep resentment,
the YoLo horrorable Jury ~
Impulse, Fishy and Daeny took over the dirty work of deciding who's getting fined
for the the most hideous crime of the season!

And thus, without a further ado, we proudly present, guilty as charged ~ the EXPERTS in crime...of fashion!

Ultimate Bunny mascot of the evening, our Disturbing Gold Champion
was revealing a brand new glamorous meaning of “Holy Crap!”
Our Silver Medalist
mr.Fist , channeling his inner Ethan & hypnotizing the crowd
with his ravishing belly dance, made everyone not focusing his fists, for once!
The irresistible
Naughtynurse was our girl on fire, managing to mismatch even her Bronze Medal
with the rest of her incredibly HOT…mess <3
Special Reward went to our dark prince of mogs,
a handsome slave handler, tip-top freshly styled up at the local flea market.


FunnyBunny Event would not've tasted as delicious & rich without our dearest event sponsors :
Fishy, Juggerbro, Blacky, Screamy, Shammybro, Reducto ,Mysterious Lady & Her Royal Bottomless the Guild Bank

Your hosts Fishy, Nula & Daeny are hoping everyone had a memorable time,
wishing you Happy Easter and spring holidays!


(Clicky on the screenies to make them large)
With Love,


DL full screenies for your COLLECTION 🐰 here --->
Attention!!! Blacky's bunny was spotted last night lurking around Dark Animus!
Everyone keep ur essss against the wall...
way better

God finally someone turned the light on 😋
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