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Back to the Nest ~ Bday Party Winners & screenies!

Daenerys / Feb 09, 2018

Best day of the year! Some legendary Stormies showed up for a group hug!

One can not wish for a happier birthday, knowing wherever we go, whatever we may become: there is an invisible,
yet unbreakable bond connecting us all. Stormborn is a part of us that shall never grow up - even after we do,
so wear it forever under your collars of reality as a treasure locket of dreams & imagination.

32 guildies joined this time-traveling adventure, storming through old content raids, taking part in our fun family quiz!
We proudly present our experts of StormLore...

The Winners of *DragonNest* 2018

Eleyon, George, Myrionna,
Fishy, Svetlatamna & Hum

Funniest answers, title <The N.I.B.>
Silver & Pakla
Bronze medal
Chewy (5 pt) & Nula (5 pt)
Silver medal <Power Hatchling>
Alex (6 pt)
Gold medal <Loremaster of Stormborn>
Screamy (10 pt)

Congratulations to all the winners!
To refresh your own history knowledge,
here is the full list of questions

1.Bosses hated them, realm whispered about them in disbelief. “Wtf, THOSE healz...” melting recounts away. Hands down the highest healing trio on FW of all times. Ppl called it the The Big3, Holy Trinity… Their names were:

2.Silver created the most amazing Website Competitions for us over the past 2 years. Who are the winners last Website SS competition – categories : Funny,Beautiful,PvP, Sexy & Memoirs?

3.Who is the youngest little dragon in SB?

4.For a long time, guild’s battle roar was : We can duuuuuu iiiitt!!!! Until the era of Rinaca, when it got replaced with yet another one…better one…. How does it go?!

5.You walk alone into Garrosh HQ chamber. Suddenly in front of you : dark… manacing… badass… mogged!!… Juggerbro! You can ask him only one question. And only one is correct one. GO!

6.You walk alone in Elwynn Forest. Bad idea. Suddenly in front of you : dark… grumpy… hungry….op…. Hum with a broken arm, slightly irritated. You…are….

7.You walk into a Battleground on a secret char, together with a bunch of your Horde buddies. Suddenly in front of you …Comed. Alone. You…

8.ストームで生まれたファッションの女神。彼女の名前は何ですか?Sutōmu de umareta fasshon no megami. Kanojo no namae wa nanidesu ka?

9.TS avatar: Whenever he has time , he shares his knowledge & creativity during the long walks by the river, letting fans taking pics with him. Who was that random dude on his avatar next to him? Ah right…Garrosh Hellsomething. And our star is?

10.Lazy little daisy, crazy grown up kid..."Hurry up,lets go / Hold on I dc-ed." You wanna go on? No way, cos he’s done. But you can’t help not to love him… Like father – like son.

11.Always a hero, never a troll - Helping, advising, passing on ALL. If he could speak…He’d never whine . I’m carving His statue right here in Shrine. Forever cool, no dramalama, No it’s not Daeny - yet it’s a mama.

12.Mr. Gaft, legendary leader of G Core, had one particular raid wide defensive CD fetish! It also happens to be the virtue Stormborn ultimately values the most. Which one?

13.Lastborn (Squirrt), one of the first officers of SB, started his career with a sentence: “i m not hosting any event plz dnt drag me in to this”. Eventually after a few hosted events, he traditionally made us all sing one song as a choir. Name of the song?

14.Stormborn is ever-changing and evolving. We used to pride ourselves for being the most mannered community out there. Until we met the Lord of FPS (fuckies per second) also known as best warlock EU. Sir…

15.Speaking of warlocks, which one would be our Mr. HAM Solo?

16.The guild was always popular due to the large amount of lovely ladies making it alluring, pretty and strong. Yet only ONE Lady ever held ALL available ranks in Stormborn. Which one?

17. We pride ourselves to have an unique web design, with original artwork created for dragons only. Who designed our Website Stormborn TextLogo and the Targaryen banner?

18.Speaking of banners, describe our ingame tabard : icon, background and border colors.

19.On April the 1st, SB held seasonal PvP tournament “Fools & Kings”.Who won 1vs1 brackets gaining the title “The Joker”. And which couple won 2vs2 Grand Finals?

20.A talented host couple held our last PvP tournament “The Underworld”. Tell us their names and the name of the our “Immortal” Winner.

21. A legendary band. “Message in the bottle” was their song. One Stormie often wears their name on TS, enforcing law and order. Who?

22. Who was the first and the only Drogon rider in SB, thus far?

23.What date SB stormed through and obtained 25m SoOnm Server First, and who was the RL?

24. One and only “Ultimate Hunny of SB”, expert in the arts of love... Guess who?

25. Guild is notorious after its large number of social & PvP events. Overall, one person holds a record in winning various categories. Who is this versatile achievement hunter?

26.Khalasar is the Elite raiding rank of SB. None ever fixated that title quite like…

27.Back when ToT was fun, we used to perform Voodoo ritual of Kabak to make the Lei-shen pad work. Yet,this boi made it work every time by singing the Pokemon song. Who is he?

28.The most ‘nope’ answers after his “can I touch..?” If McHammer only knew who he made “Can’t touch this” for…Any ideas?

29.Who is a Stormie holding the largest number of Dothraki alts atm?

30.Most of Stormies are students, but some of them already ace their staggering careers. Among our ranks we have a rock singer, a dentist & a CS:GO Asia champion. Who are those stars of rl ?

31. Our TS is a display of various cute accents. After a while, you get used to recognizing each one, but one person had to live with one question for a long time: “Is that you, Iinori?” Who is it?

32.Who is our faithful little TS murloc?

33.She changed as many names as Nula changed mogs weekly. Yet she will always be called….?

34. Stormie who, while quite more active in the past - held the most number of Khalasar alts, mastering them all...

35.At our recent Xmas event, who was our <Puking Champion> winning 2 rounds of drinking game?

36. Apart from Venom & Daeny, there are 3 more currently active Stormies who were here from the first 3 months of SB creation. Who are they?

37. Raised his voice only once. Known as the Angel of SB. Who?

38.We all remember the legacy of G core. Yet who was the first one to implement and lead midnight raids of SB, known as the Night’s Watch?

39. Warlame has been our fabulous host in so many wonderful ways, from stopping our progression to banning our officers/core members for no reason. Yet surprisingly only one outspoken Stormie ‘with a big mouth’ got banned from their forums. Who?

40. So many great RLs started their career here. Writing pages of our history, they start with hype and end up dead tired. Who is the most "fresh" RL of SB?

41. Finish the sentence Daeny : ”It was a bit messy…”

42. Pakla:”First thing you need to carry is…”

43. Nula “Khaleesi, but…”

44. Venom “ I lost my phone and…”

45. Myrio “ I’m not… “

46. Daeny “ Shut up…”

47. Silver “ It’s time to take out my…”

48. Rinaca “Brb, killing my…”

49. Liir “ What if I am already married to…”

50. Who are the 2 newly promoted Targaryens?
and answers
1.Chewy, Pakla & Wicked 2.Reducto, Shammybro, Screamy, Liir & Nula 3. Theyza 4. “We will did it!” 5. “Are u ranged?!” 6. Dead 7. Loose 8.Miku 9.Svetlatamna 10.George 11.Humama 12.DEVOTION!!! 13. Barney Song 14.Feralyn 15.Tomsawyer 16.Silver 17.Kimme & Venom 18.Red dragon,black background,black border 19.Hum / Nula & Humama 20.Reducto & Dex / Commed 21.Chewy 22.Venom 23. January the 29th,2017 /Myrionna 24.Blacki 25.Nula 26.Machinegun 27.Cocuballs 28.Alex 29.Judgementist 30.Eol, Eleyon & Ethan 31.Light 32.Meggie 33.Impulse 34.Renz 35.Nuzze 36.Raistlin, Screamy & Meggie 37.Uthil 38.Volf 39.Whazzly 40.Eleyon 41.”…but we did it.” 42. “your shiiiit.” 43.”MSV hc?!” 44.”I’m getting a dick.” 45.”your hunny” 46.”AND FOCUS!!!! …Plz:) “ 47.”WHIP!” 48.”dog.” 49.”Alex?” 50.Impulse & Lucy

DJ Nula took us traveling
back through decades
with some great & vintage
80s music selection,
and his lifetime hunger
for MSV – was granted.
Time traveling nest roamed
from ancient history
straight into the future,
which was revealed
at big ceremony finale,
announcing & promoting
brand new Leadership ranks.

Godspeed to Dracarys Rinaca
our new officer! Aaaaand...
Viserion Chewy & Drogon Uthil
new Co-GMs of Stormborn!

We Will Did It!

Nothing without our gracious BDay SPONSORS providing us with the most stormylicious rewards :
Shammybro, Juggerbro, Rinaca, Comed, Uthil, Demonforce, Blacky,Mysterious Lady
and Her Majesty the Guild Vault.

Your hosts: Uthil,Chewy,Ethan, Rinaca,DJ Nula & Daeny wish you many more amazing birthdays to come!
Thank you ALL for making this one simply – mythical!

Now...Brace yourselves for the next event,
as the month of love is upon us…💘
Yeah boi!!!


Happy belated B day Stormborn
Ty dear Volf 💙💙💙 We miss you !!!!
At request, for full resolution screenies clicky here
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