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MYTHIC mode on : Stormborn's Birthday Party!

Daenerys / Feb 03, 2018

This February the 5th, Stormborn is celebrating its 3rd birthday!

Three years ago,
on this very date
our guild came to life
and took the first breath
by opening its gates
to people, who’ve mold it
into what it became today.
Much alike a living entity,
it went through
stages & phases of life,
changing its face, nature,
agendas & standards
with the tides.

Yet one single thing
remained the same:
Stormborn never
took a break
from Stormies,
not even for a day.
Relentlessly dedicated
to its community,
Stormborn still stands today
as an unbreakable ridge,
defying the ocean of time.
3 Years down...
Forever to go!

The oldest community of Warmane MoP is delighted to invite you all
~ veterans & fresh members, active or inactive, busy or bored, ready or not ~ here comes The 3rd Anniversary Celebration

💙💙💙 Stormborn’s Birthday Party 💙💙💙
Monday, February the 5th, 7 pm ST!

Brace yourselves!!!

This year’s Anniversary is dedicated to the glorious – History. Thus, we are igniting our time-travel engines,
taking the party among the amazing and inspiring settings of old 25 men raids we seldom ever do together, such as

Icecrown Citdel, Ulduar,Hyjal Summit, Onyxia’s Lair, The Bastion of Twilight ...
or anywhere our dragons would desire to fly,traveling through time.

While treating ourselves with dazzling Tmog & mount drops, daring crew will venture through Stormborn history,
from ancient times to contemporary, in a form of fun & lively home-made Trivia/Quiz! So come and become: the best!
Know thy…

Stormborn’s Family Quiz

And win some incredible rewards!

The ultimate Winner shall obtain guild title
<Loremaster of Stormborn>
along with the beautiful
Jeweled Onyx Panther
& a 553 crafted epic of choice.


<PowerHatchling of Stormborn>
will grow into a dragon with a brand new
Vial of the Sands & 553 crafted epic of choice.
Semi-Finalists( notable number of correct answers)
will be awarded ✨Royal Satchels(28 slot bags)
and rare companions.

Totally blew it? Worry not:
even incorrect, yet funniest answers
will get you the title
<The N.I.B>
(Naturally, I’m Better),
awarded with ✨Sky Golem
and 553 crafted epic of choice!

Party hype will be spiced up with the Announcement Ceremony of the new Dracarys (Officer)
and the new Co-GM of Stormborn.

Deepest /bows to our gracious BDay SPONSORS for providing us with the most stormylicious rewards :
Shammybro, Juggerbro, Rinaca, Comed, Uthil, Demonforce, Blacky,Mysterious Lady and Her Majesty the Guild Vault.

Whether you are competitive or just curious, Tmog fan or achievement hunter, PvE freak or PvP monster,
casual or hardcore party animal - Monday is NOT a good day to be picking your nose in Shrine…
We gonna park a horde rogue there to camp you in cold blood – and set yer respective esss on fire,
until you drag it over to our sole remaining non-endgamepersonalinterest event!

✨Garrosh HC? Weak. Mythic mode on: OUR Birthday Party✨

Fireworks, Guild GroupHug Screenie, a bunch of crazy nibs, flares of fun & gifts for all the participants!
Bday cakes & large caskets of DragonAle for everyone! Ready your kegs - Bottoms up!
Dracarys! Burn them candles away!

Long live Stormborn!!!

…until you start seeing
Venom & Pakla online.
Well..that’s when you know
you totally had too much to drink.



Tho msv normal would be better now khaleesi , also i was told from few people you can't do last boss in ICC and it got confirmed from humama is same bug as is second to last boss in DS.
I have it in scenario already ...u keep going "But khaleesi..." throughout the marathon, and then at the end I finally break down and we go MSV 25 for the lolz 😉
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