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The Final Countdown - Progression mode on!

Daenerys / Jun 11, 2017
It’s the final countdown!
💥Progression engines on & flickering💥 - as we are taking off on June the 14th , announced at our host’s homepage. Stormborn is ready to engage in the final challenge of MoP expansion, Warmane.

From Wednesday this week we are officially entering Progression Mode, and those events will have the top priority at our weekly calendar schedule. It is the “Olympics” - the ultimate challenge for every PvE player, as we indeed put our own strength, stamina, agility, intellect and spirit to test - on physically exhausting and demanding marathon.
For Stormies, it was never about the server-wide race,
but a challenge of winning our own personal Gold medal – the heart of the biggest team that never gave up.

Our advancing will be conducted by two progression Raid Leaders : Myrionna & Iinori, forming their respective teams according to previous evaluations of top notch attendance,discipline,tenacity & performance, and in regards to what specific encounters would require composition wise. Initially selected team members will be requested by officers to share contact info (FB/email or skype) for easier allocation/communication.
Given the fact a huge chunk of our core veterans are no longer/less active - teams will be vastly consisted of core members who've never experienced progressing with Stormborn, thus it’s highly advisable to read through our :


Weekly advancing through newly released endgame content - until the full clear. Wiping endlessly and gladly. Pushing yourself to be the best you can be and supporting your team before everything else, even if you are not selected for the run itself.
Plz make sure you pay a thorough visit to following Guild Info sections: ( Progression sub-section)

🏆 WHO are ppl in Progression Teams?
The absolute Best of Stormborn: on all accounts. Only those possessing ALL of the requirements below, evaluated over the last 3 months period of time may be selected for Progression runs, with top priority given.

1.Extreme attendance
No it’s not that few times when you chose some raids that you can profit from, and joined us for some giggles & loots. It’s the ppl boosting low greaup runs almost every day, and if you were not there to care for your guild, we are sorry for not being able to now provide you with a spot among those that were. Those will take us into the Final Progression, as true Heroes should.

2. Utmost reliability
If you tend to signup/not show up,leave raids,be late, cancel often(even if on time) – we have already noted you as not eligible for Progression runs. Only the most responsible gamers belong in Progression, since we can not afford any setback when planning a composition, due to random on/off attendance, caused by unstable availability or moods. Our gearup runs are available to different/normal/even casual type of gamers. Progression however, with all due respect - demands raid-monsters.

3.Excellent net connection
An absolute must. We are aware that even some core members do not have perfectly stable net connection. In progression we will prioritize those that have it, since we are looking at hundreds of repetitive wipes : that itself will be stressful enough ,and repeating encounters/risking a lockout due random/frequent dcs is not an option.

4.Peerless attitude and discipline
Only ‘universal solders’ and team players can enter and survive Progression runs, making it easy on their team mates instead of making it more tense than it needs to be. We are most likely looking into progressing for a longer period of time, knowing how buggy Warlame releases always were : and we are not keen on taking dramalamas, divas,trolls,QQs nor cookie monsters aboard. Snappy & sassy are welcome to our fashionshow runway events, yet for progression – we shall require a tranquil and focused atmosphere.

Even if all our runs have limited duration, we will prioritize those who are able to potentially stay past the raiding hours, if certain boss needs ‘special attention’ - within a sensible time frame ofc. Goes without saying that we will also give absolute prio to ‘tryharders’ opposed to ‘zzzz…’,’yawn…’,’omg do we have to…’ and similar.

6.High quality hps/dps/tanking performance
Speaks for itself, providing all above is in check. Best dps per example does not mean you are automatically our top choice - if ANY of those features above are missing. Likewise – everything above may not be enough if you do not have viable dps/tanking/hps for a HC Progression run. Yet when it comes to numbers, I am sure we all know where we are – in Stomborn, where all of the above matters more than a 50k difference. Our fearsome teamwork and community awareness can and will always make up for those.

How LONG will this Progression take???!!!
As long as it takes, until full SoO HC content is cleared. Anywhere between a week and a year, actually. According to our previous experiences, it may even take months ,due to various possible scenarios :
1.”Working as intended”

Common expression for “buggy as hell” and we are almost sure they will make some encounters nearly impossible to do due to fail scripting. In our previous progressions we even witnessed only Alliance side(npcs) being bugged, unattended for weeks, bosses crashing raids for weeks, bosses locking out entire raid for a week etc.

2. Limited weekly time for progression
our teams will have 2 days of progress per a week at best, which makes it extremely hard - realistically impossible to clear everything within a sole week, even after slowly gearing up as we advance ahead, boss per boss.

3. "Sprinters"
Lastly, we are entering progression with renewed cores, in which a number of ppl, who have no idea what progression on Warlame means - may discover they are not fit to cope with hundreds of wipes on the long run, and may give up mid way,used to short & rewarding race tracks – which can surely prolong the Progression itself.

There is always a possibility they would script SoO hc retail-like, or even broken-easy ,which would speed up the process, but those scenarios are highly unlikely to be happening.

🍕🍧🍭 What about SoO NM runs,ToT runs etc ...will there be any?
We'll tend to keep as much SoOnm/SoO4 and other gearups as possible, yet it’s gonna be challenging, as the only leader for gearups with ability to vouch for holding any scheduled run is Daenerys, with Ironborn,Blacky and Rinaca on standby. Progression runs will have the utmost priority over any other run, however those said RLs will do their best to cater for the entire community, as they did so far.
Note that we might have the issue of SoO hc/SoO nm sharing ID as well, which we will find out only when new content is implemented. Raiding schedule might change according to those findings and according to state of Progression content itself.

🏁 I know this ‘THINGY’ we can use/do to make this boss supereasy…
Nope. Not in this guild. Exploiting was never the way of Stormborn, not because some big bro said ‘nono’ , but because we firmly strive to (s)kill the bosses instead of butchering them. We are aware how this makes us the extinct/minority on a realm full of ambitious/loot&run gamers with zero code of honor within, yet we have no regrets, nor any intention of changing our standards for the sake of an empty title.
All of our progression videos always were & always will be transparent and posted on our website,
and we'll acknowledge any other guild’s clean progression willing to expose/provide the same evidence.

If you have any questions apart from those covered in our FAQ, plz feel free to ask/post them in comment’s section below.


As the ‘big bang’ of SoO HC release resonates above & beyond realm, stirring the pot of it’s decaying community, we can already see those low population numbers on homepage rising again, which is overall a positive thing - gathering for one last bumpy ride of Frostwolf. For ‘hardcore Stormies’, it's old news though,and nothing we haven’t seen before: botched 'beauties'/zombie guilds rising from their grave once again in attempt to harvest the one thing they game…opss sry, came for - personal achievement. Stormborn greets them all, wishing a pleasant & brief visit, as we're sure to /wave them all out again, standing like a rock : for the People - our greatest achievement of all.

We welcome back our dear members rejoining us again to witness the moment of ultimate adventure:
together we will cheer, support and applaud for our new Progession Team Reborn!

Stormbon has already achieved it’s goal – remaining the oldest, biggest and strongest family on realm,
the One never breaking down - One ever caring about ppl behind this virtual insanity.
So let’s cuddle up and reboob for one last /bow on this stage, showing the audience HOW we do it, shall we? :)
Surviving Warlame since 2015, 24/7 with a smile,serenity of mind & integrity of a dragon.
Sky is the limit to any dream this fearless titan may choose to pursue in the future.
Ready or not - buckle up, here comes the hottest cup of milk & toughest cookie of Frostwolf!

We got dragons,b...!!! Let's rock'n'roar, shake the ground and make some... Pudding!

Godspeed, Stormborn!



Dam that gif at the end was cheery on top.
Nula u're that 5th one from the left on a black horse...slacking 😜
First guys always die sometimes slacking is good to stay alive :D
that good speed gives the chill . ikr
I waited til i return Home with my meal and stuff to read this , daymn 1st time I wish I had a constant good net and utmost pve interest : (

Good luck, it's gonna be a bloody rough run but the challenge is worthy. Spit blood to keep going on your corpses by wipes til you pile up and do it, cheers!

death recounts all set!
we're good to go
good luck! i'll be cheering on you guys in my dream :D
Ty for cheering and supporting guys ,it means a lot to everyone 💋💋💋
First progression pics are up and we'll keep them comming!
GZ Stormies, burn on <3

Both Myrio's and Iinori's teams rushed through first 2 bosses in a matter of minutes, temporarily stopped by buggy Norushen...but No rushin' - we'll get him 😜
As promised - more pics incoming :)

A new 'interesing' bug emerged on 15 of June, with raides being able to switch booses difficulty from HC to normal mode, and being able to obtain...brace urselves : [SoO Heroic] achievements for those bosses .And so couple of guilds did that...
But not Stormborn 😎

Our team again chose the hard,the long and right way to obtain achies we actually - deserve. So Thundercats went for doing bosses in actual HC mode ,and here's how far we went, stopped by Buggernaut. But not for too long. Only until our next update here 😋

So PROUD of u guys for making the right choice!!! Can't wait to see Chewy's videos :)
Plz guys upvote
Chewy's reports on bugtracker:

[SoO HC] Mortar Barrage [Bugged]:
[SoO HC] Ricochet [Tracking]:
[SoO HC] Borer Drill [Tracking]:
[SoO HC] Explosive Tar [Amount and Duration]
<The Sanctuary> reports:
[SoOHC]Heroic Achievements: - Switching from HC to NM = bannable.
[SoO HC] Explosive Tar [Amount and Duration]
Thundercats : Juggernaut 12% left... Gogogo Stormies 💋 and keep voting on bugtracker plz!
May the Force be with our second core Progression Team tonight : Stormtroopers <3
go go go 💪💪💪 . sorry i cnt use 💋💋💋 cause every one will stop reading forums for quite sometime if i did that
For the raiding week June 28th - July 4th, we decided to focus on one Heroic Progression Core, lead by Myrionna, ThunderCats, while instead of the 2nd heroic progression core we'll hold a 5 bosses SoO heroic gear up, Stormtroopers, and an additional SoO run, Pokemon, either normal or 5 heroic bosses gear up. The Dark Souls double will be either SoO normals or 5 bosses heroic gear up, depending on sign ups.
...and its DOWN! 😋⚡️💥⭐️🔥