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Daenerys / Jul 21, 2019

Welcome hunnybunnieshhh to one of a kind Drunken Raid Event! Tonight we are soaking down The Nighthold into a… Drunkhold!Omg omg omg waiiiit wth are you doooing??!!! Relaaaaaaxshh mon 😎Everything is under… control construction. It’sh gonna be… glo...

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Amazons added a forum post

Sub Rogue "Guide" 7.2.5

Nice guide , Just in BiS Legendary part , that wrist is op and BiS for outlaw spec :) , although still the sub rogue BiS is its wrist too (Denial of the Half-Giants), but not that one .Also for the stat priority part , in my exp , the Versatility ...
Daenerys added a news entry

Pirate's Day event ≈ MERMAIDS ≈

SATURDAY, 28th of September ~ 10 pm ST
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Chypsy added a forum post

Frost Death knight in 7.2.5

Glad someone posted this cuz i always loved dk as frost but couldn't reach its full potential
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