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Daenerys / Feb 18, 2019

Dear Stormies,As most of you already know, the ultimate community poll concluded in favor of WoW Freakz server/ faction: Horde.On our new chosen server - Guild Migrations are conducted within the time frame of 1-3 days, therefore we kindly appea...

Daenerys / Jan 28, 2019

Dear Stormborn family,After 4 years of remaining the oldest, most active and most successful guild on Warmane MoP , the time has finally come for this giant to make some vital decisions about the future. In order to preserve our community alive a...

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Tomb of Sargeras

- Reserving this thread so I can freely edit it while I work on uploading more videos. -
Alex added a forum post

Frost Death knight in 7.2.5

This is a nice guide I enjoyed reading it, thanks Ebon!
Ebonknight added a forum thread

Frost Death knight in 7.2.5

Frost Death knight Pros : Good Aoe dps Very decent Single target dps if played correctly Can cheese mechanics with AMS if used correctlyCons:Low mobility...
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Eleyon's MM Hunter Guide 7.2.5

Ty dear, looking great and just what I needed 💜 Hunter is a whole different class here, fml 😝
Daenerys added a forum post

[Guardian Druid Guide for Beginners]

Thank you so much Ferbilly, this is awesome 😘No, you were never lazy cos you're a...🎵🎶 bam👷 bam👲 bam 👮 bam 👨 YYYYYY MMMM CCCCC AAAAAAA🎶🎵
Eleyon added a forum thread

Eleyon's MM Hunter Guide 7.2.5

CONTENTI. General InformationII. TalentsIII. ArtifactIV. Stat PioritiesV. Gear choice , Gemming and EnchantsVI. RotationVII. MacrosI.General InformationBasic information on the spec:Like any other Hunter spec, Marksmanship uses Focus as their key ...
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[Guardian Druid Guide for Beginners]

Hello, i am David and i live in a basement, tonight (9 AM when im doing it) i wanted to share some things with people that would like to begin playing Guardian Druid, and help them, a lot of people asked me for the help with this, and so here i co...
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